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Product Description

Uprated Head Stud Kit 20 Studs, Washers & Nuts - RB7728 - OEM
Set of 20 cylinder head studs, washers and nuts to replace original bolts. Studs improve cylinder head sealing & prevent damage to block threads. Suitable for all Rover V8 applications with 2 rows of bolts per cylinder head.


  • OEM quality - made in England
  • Studs & washers are high grade 817M40T steel
  • Nuts are SAE 8740

Specifications and additional product information
Defender 1983-2006 - 3.5L V8 carb - Quantity Required - 1
Defender 1983-2006 - 4.0L Petrol - 2 Row Cylinder Heads - Quantity Required - 1
Discovery 1 - V8 EFi Petrol - Quantity Required - 1
Discovery 2 L318 - 4.0L, 4.6L Petrol - 2 Rows of head bolts - Quantity Required - 1
Range Rover Classic 70-95 - V8 EFi Petrol from (E) 40D09582B - Quantity Required - 1
Range Rover P38 94-01 - V8 Petrol - 2 Rows of head bolts - Quantity Required - 1
SD1 V8 - Quantity Required - 1
Triumph TR8 - Quantity Required - 1
MGB - Quantity Required - 1

Review: Frank Jacobson Submitted: 06/09/2023

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Part worked perfectly

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The use of studs and nuts on my Rover V8 (Triumph TR7/V8) instead of torque to yield bolts is a good option for a home workshop cylinder head removal/replacement. For someone with limited experience of torque to yield (tty) bolts the end point on each part of the tightening sequence seems to lack precision and hence confidence that the work has been done accurately. With studs and nuts, the click point of the torque wrench for each step offers precision and consequently confidence. The added bonus is that the use of studs makes mounting the gasket and cylinder head damage risk free. They are well worth the extra cost as unlike the tty bolts they are not a throw away item if future cylinder head removal becomes necessary.
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