Price Match
Click on the Price Match* link under the price of the item you have
found at a better price. We'll match it if we can.
Price Match
Price Match requests are monitored between 8.30am and 5.30pm (UK) Monday - Friday except during UK Bank (Public) Holidays.

Please Note : Price Match is a web based offer, a link will be emailed to allow the purchase to be made through our website, it is therefore unsuitable for telephone
and counter collection orders – please contact our sales or customer services team in this instance. Only use Price Match if you would like us to try and
match a competitors price (as shown on their current advertisement or website).

          *The rules: Please read carefully. We may not be able to respond to your
            Price Match enquiry if the following criteria is not met.
  • The item must be like for like and be of identical brand and manufacturer. Is our price for an Original part and the one you have found not Original? Does the price include VAT?
  • Rimmer Bros will not match a price from a retailer who does not have the product in stock, available and ready to ship to you. Unfortunately, sometimes unscrupulous retailers may advertise a product at an unrealistic price without having the product in stock. You could place the order and wait weeks to receive it and end up cancelling the order. If you want to wait until the retailer has the product in stock and submit a Price Match form at that time, we'll do our best to match it then.
  • Rimmer Bros will not Price Match against your friends, classified ads or auctions. Price Match is only to match the price on new items offered by recognised parts suppliers (in accordance with their dealer agreements, if applicable). Discontinued items being sold at below replacement cost, even from recognised suppliers, are not eligible for Price Match. They cost less for a reason! But, if you find a great, genuine deal somewhere else, we'll try to match it.
  • Rimmer Bros will not offer Price Match against other suppliers who have advertised "loss leaders". Some retailers will try to attract you to buy a product by selling certain products below a reasonable price. If you find a retailer who will sell you a product for less than what they paid for it, you should buy it, but they might not be around for long.
  • Rimmer Bros will not take part in bidding wars with other suppliers for the opportunity to sell you a "package" of products. We Price Match, but we don't haggle. We're in the business of selling quality automotive parts and accessories at competitive prices, together with great customer service.
  • The price you have found elsewhere must be stated on a current website or printed in a current local or national advertisement by a recognised parts supplier. Products must be new and factory packaged. If you have found the price you would like us to try to match on a competitors website we require the full URL of the page on which you have found the product(s). We may not be able to respond to your enquiry in circumstances where inaccurate or incomplete information is provided.
  • Rimmer Bros will also Price Match suppliers outside the U.K., but please allow for currency variations.
  • Prior purchases are not eligible for Price Match.
  • Price Match cannot be combined with any Special Discount Offer we may be running. There is no further discount once the Price Match price has been agreed.
  • Rimmer Bros has sole discretion to offer Price Match.