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123 Ignition Electronic P6 type Tooth Drive Distributor - Programmable - RB7458E123
Fully programmable unit for early Rover V8 applications pre-SD1 with tooth drive.

123ignition did it again ! If you want to tune your engine, or you have an engine for which there is no standard distributor available.....the new 123\TUNE is the answer ! By connecting it to a computer, the end-user can easily adapt the 123\TUNE to fulfill even the most demanding requirements. The unit offers two sets of curves that can be selected by placing 12 Volt on a wire from the 123\TUNE.
( Handy, if you're driving on two different fuels, like regular fuel with LPG or with Ethanol )

Here are all the features offered :

rotation CW and CCW ( autodetect )
for 6 Volt and/or 12 Volt cars ( autodetect )
variable dwell constant current, fully autom. ( autodetect )
coil current protection time-out after 1 second ( autodetect )
spark-balancing: better than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
for positive and negative earthed cars ( 123\TUNE-8 is for ONLY )
two centrifugal advance curves ( 500 to 8000 rpm )
two vacuum-advance and boost-retard curves ( 0 to 200 kPa or -30 inHg to +15 psi )
two MAP-start fields
two rev.limiters ( advanced random spark stealing )
real-time tuning under keyboard-control ( ideal for working on a rolling road )
rpm-stopwatch ( ideal for tuning using the road itself as a rolling road )
luxurious import-from-file and export-to-file ( curves can easily be exchanged over the internet )

electronic "dashboard" with:
temperature gauge ( selectable in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit )
manifold pressure ( selectable in Bar or inches Hg / Psi )
rev. counter ( 0 to 8000 rpm crankshaft )
spark-energy gauge ( primary coil current )
total-advance gauge ( in degrees crankshaft )

available in 4- , 6- and 8- cylinder models with various sizes and shapes.

Specifications and additional product information
Triumph TR8 Early type (Pre '76, Rover P6 type) - With oil pump drive tooth on distributor shaft ('Rigid shaft')
MGB - All V8 models top entry cap, programmable
Range Rover Classic 70-95 - All V8 engines with slot on oil pump gear - Quantity Required - 1
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