Part No.: RF4137 Mfr# RTR8428

Stainless Steel Lamp Bar - Triumph TR4 TR4A TR250 TR5 - RF4137

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Triumph TR4-250 Front Bumper and Fittings 'Triumph TR4-250 Front Bumper and Fittings' Triumph TR2-5 Driving Lamps 'Triumph TR2-5 Driving Lamps'
Product Description

Stainless Steel Lamp Bar - Triumph TR4 TR4A TR250 TR5 - RF4137
Stainless Steel Lamp bar for Triumph TR4, 4A, 250 and 5 allowing the fitting of auxiliary lights. No holes need to be drilled as the bar fits to the bumper irons.

This Lamp Bar , unlike the 'rally' lamp bar does not require the removal of the front bumper. This lamp bar can be fitted straight to the car with the bumper in situ and also allows the bonnet to open normally (assuming 5" lamps are fitted). The lamp bar bolts to the inboard pair of bumper iron bolts, which fall in the same place on all bumpers fitted to TR4, 4A, 250, 5.

Once in place the bar can then be fitted with 5" or 7" fog or auxiliary driving lights. The lamps are positioned 420mm apart and extend forward from the centre line of the lamp bar 82mm. It is worth noting that if very large lamps are to be used that would foul the bonnet when it is opened, the lamps can be hung down off the lamp bar too.

Please note that the overriders fitted to TR4 front bumpers are much closer together than those fitted to the TR4A, TR250 and TR5. With the spacing between the lamps at 420mm as mentioned above, the inboard edge of a TR4 overrider is 65mm from the centre line of the lamp, where the lamp is at its widest. This dimension being 250mm on a TR4A, 250, 5 as the overriders are much further apart.

If 65mm (TR4 only) will not accommodate your chosen lamps, then we suggest purchasing an extender bar RTR8428-1. This stainless steel strip is 4mm thick, 30mm wide, and is intended to be bolted between the two lamp mounts. The strip has nine 5/8" (16mm) diameter holes along its length and can accommodate your lamps at a spacing to suit you including one central lamp if this is legal in the territory where the car will be used.

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