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Jaguar XK8 1996-2006 Car Parts

Jaguar XK8
Jaguar XK8
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Explore our thoughtfully-selected range of Jaguar XK8 vehicle parts and accessories. As the go-to destination for Jaguar enthusiasts worldwide, Rimmer Bros stocks a wide range of genuine Jaguar XK8 parts and high-quality OEM and Aftermarket alternatives.

Launched in 1996, the Jaguar XK8 elegantly fused the agility of a sports car with the comfort of a grand tourer, echoing the timeless charm of the classic E-Type. Initially powered by a 4.0L V8 engine, the XK8 transitioned to a more robust 4.2L V8 from the 2002 model year onwards, with both engines offering supercharged variants for enhanced performance. The XK8's sleek design encapsulated Jaguar's rich heritage, paving the way for the XK series that included both coupe and convertible models, thereby infusing a dash of open-air luxury. Today, the XK8 stands as a coveted classic, embodying Jaguar's knack for innovation while honouring its iconic design ethos.

Whether it's routine maintenance or improved performance, put your trust in Rimmer Bros, the British car specialists, to accompany you every step of the way with a reliable stock of quality Jaguar XK8 parts. From restoring classics to keeping daily drivers in top shape, Rimmer Bros has every angle covered.

We have a specific focus on the unique needs of the Jaguar community of owners, garages and specialists. Rimmer Bros provides outstanding service so that you have precisely what you need when you need it most. We have an intimate knowledge of all things Jaguar, great enthusiasm and unbeatable service - we guarantee quality, competitive prices and fast delivery.

Please note that while most parts are common to all markets, there are sometimes specific parts for certain countries. If you are unsure, please contact us with your full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Since our establishment in 1982, we've specialised in Triumph, MG, Land Rover, Range Rover, MG Rover, and Jaguar.

As the British motor industry contracted, Rimmer Bros expanded to ensure the continued maintenance, restoration and enjoyment of many beloved classic cars no longer supported by their original makers. Our support, starting strongly with Triumph, extended to include Rover SD1 models in the 1990s, and later expanded to cover Land Rover and Range Rover models, reaching up to the present day. In 2005, our commitment grew to encompass more modern MG-Rover cars, and by 2012, we further extended our range to include Jaguar models from 1996 onwards. This growth reflects our dedication to serving the diverse community of classic and modern British car enthusiasts.

Jaguar XK8 1996-2006 Car Parts

Sump Pan Inc Filter - LR007474 - Genuine

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  £171.60ex VAT£205.92inc UK VAT

Spark Plug - C2A1535P1 - OEM

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  £8.50ex VAT£10.20inc UK VAT