An MGF - a potential future classic car

Experts reveal the cars set to turn into the next classics

Could you be sitting on a future classic car? Could the next must-have motor be already parked on your drive?

The team at classic car part and restoration supplier Rimmer Bros have identified ten of their best bets for what will become classics in the future.

We’re all used to the sight of classic cars like Triumph, MGs and Land Rovers dotted around our country roads, but which cars might be future classics that are affordable now?

Here are Rimmer Bros’ top ten picks as potential classics for rarity (how many there are left, with one being the most rare):

  1. Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition (2015 - 2016)
  2. MG ZT 260
  3. Rover 75 V8 (2004 - 2005)
  4. Jaguar XJR X308 (1998-2003)
  5. Land Rover Discovery (1989 - 1998)
  6. Jaguar XKR (1998 - 2006)
  7. MGF (1995 - 2002)
  8. Jaguar XE S
  9. Jaguar F Type (2014 - present)
  10. Range Rover Evoque

Here are their top ten picks on accessibility (based on price, number one being most affordable):

  1. MGF (1995 - 2002)
  2. Rover 75 V8 (2004-2005)
  3. = Land Rover Discovery (1989 - 1998) and Jaguar XJR X308 (1998-2003)
  4. MG ZT 260
  5. Jaguar XKR (1998 - 2006)
  6. Jaguar XE S
  7. Range Rover Evoque
  8. Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition (2015 - 2016)
  9. Jaguar F Type (2014 - present)

Classic automotive expert at Rimmer Brothers, Andrew Mundy, said: “Collecting and restoring classic cars is one of the most rewarding interests you can get involved with. The satisfaction of picking up a piece of history and restoring it to its past glories is unmatched.

“We think that there is a huge opportunity for younger generations to take up the hobby and start to enjoy the community with a limited barrier to getting involved cost wise. You can pick up some of these models for less than a few thousand pounds and get started right away. Those who already have a classic car habit can also make reasonable investments on cars that have huge potential.

“Classic cars are one of the exemptions for ULEZ, so there’s an immediate saving to be had if your car is more than 40 years old. You also don’t need an MOT or to pay road tax either. Some of the cars we’re seeing as future classics will be there in a decade or so. We really think there’s never been a better time to own a classic.”

A Rover 75 V8

Rover 75 V8 (2004-2005)

Current average prices: £5,650 - £8,300

This model represents luxury and what many would consider a reliable choice for the time. In the future, these will represent an excellent starting project for many getting into the world of renovation. Affordable at this price point at the moment, this may well be a future classic.

An MG ZT 260

MG ZT 260

Current average prices: £7500 - £11,950

MG has long been a fantastic marque for quality and the ZT 260 was a beautiful take on the sports saloon. With a refined look but a meaty pace it was certainly worth the hype at the time and remains a firm favourite for fans of the brand. We think its classic chassis and powerful reputation mean it will become a future collectable.

A Jaguar XKR

Jaguar XKR (1998 - 2006)

Current average prices - £7,300 - £18,250

The XKR was a model known for its power and technology at the time and remains a suitably breathtaking look for collectors that want a performance Jag. The initial version before a rethink in 2009 is really very affordable at the moment, but we see this as a shining star for collectors in the future.

A Land Rover Discovery 1 (1989-1998)

Land Rover Discovery (1989 - 1998)

Current average prices: £3,650 - £10,950

The Land Rover Discovery was rightly seen as an instant classic. For those who know their Land Rovers, it goes without saying that the Discovery is one of the most iconic of the marque, but not without its repair and restoration needs. Learn to fix a Discovery and you’ll not struggle with any other classic!

A Land Rover Discovery Heritage Edition

Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition (2015 - 2016)

Current average price: £29,200 - £43,800

The Defender is known as one of the most formidable of Land Rover’s models in the last few decades. The Heritage edition was released in the striking and iconic Grasmere Green, which was a nod to the original colour of the first Land Rovers produced 68 years before. Only 400 were made, so finding one and bringing it up to working order or maintaining it is a challenge many will relish. Still relatively affordable, now’s the time to take a look!

A Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F Type (2014 - present)

Current average price: £29,200 - £51,100

The F-Type is the ultimate purchase for those looking for fun with their classics. A two-seater treat and with almost as much power as a 911, this is rightly a thrill to drive. Resales at present are relatively low, but the cost is a mighty tempting reason to perhaps investigate. Over time, this will evolve into a classic, cherished by those who were among the first to experience it when it was brand new. It helps that they look the part too.

A Jaguar XE S

Jaguar XE S

Current average price: £14,600 - £25,450

The XE S is one of those sedans that you can hear coming. A beautiful and powerful beast, they have enjoyed a reasonable reputation for performance and still look very striking now. As Jaguar are phasing out production, we think this will become a sought after model that would be a future collector’s dream.

A Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Current average price: £14,600 - £32,850

The Evoque has been a car that arrived with a heralded introduction and changed Range Rover forever. Spotting a way to make the boxy, rough reputation more family and indeed, city friendly, the Evoque continues to be one of the most successful of the Rover family. Newer versions come out regularly, but older models will retain that value and prestige for years to come, placing it easily within our list.


MGF (1995-2002)

Current average price: £1,500 - £5,110

MGFs are tons of fun, that’s a fact. Going toe to toe with some of the world’s most impressive smaller sportsters at the time, there’s a reason this model was popular and they remain so. Eminently affordable and with a great, classic look that screams aesthetics as well as performance, this is a no-brainer for those wanting to invest.

A Jaguar XJR X308

Jaguar XJR X308 (1998-2003)

Current average price: £5,110 - £10,950

The XJR is one of a dying breed of car, a sports saloon that doesn’t feel too overtly sporty, something truly unique. Jaguar is known for its refinement as much as performance and this was very evident when the X308 was introduced in 1997.