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Forward Control


As a UK-based worldwide Land Rover vehicle parts distributor, Rimmer Bros still has a select range of parts to support your Land Rover Forward Control, helping you care for this classic.

Rimmer Bros is passionate about supplying parts for the Land Rover Forward Control to protect the legacy of this vehicle.

We have a range of parts for the classic Land Rover Forward Control. Our select range of parts cover vehicles including the Land Rover FC, Land Rover Forward Control 101 (a military vehicle) and the Land Rover Forward Control 109 (designed for more civilian-oriented uses).

The Land Rover FC was introduced in 1975 as a distinctive Land Rover Series variant. Robust, practical and highly versatile, it was used as a military transport vehicle, fire engine and campervan. It had a substantial load-carrying capacity and a cab-over-engine design where the driver sat above the front wheels. FC production ceased in 1978 and the Land Rover Defender gradually took the FC's place in industrial and military roles.

Did you know? The Land Rover FC was adapted for use as a mobile drilling rig in the oil industry - showcasing the vehicle's usefulness in industrial applications. These modified FC vehicles featured specialised drilling equipment and were crucial for exploring and extracting oil in challenging and remote locations.

As a UK-based worldwide specialist in supplying parts and accessories for Land Rover cars, Rimmer Bros can help you restore, maintain and improve your Land Rover Forward Control. We share the same passion as the customers we serve for keeping Land Rovers going both on and off-road.

We pride ourselves on offering a superior, expert parts service that is both fast and reliable - helping Land Rover owners, garages and other specialists across the world know what parts they are buying and which part best suits their needs and budget.

Rimmer Bros, established in 1982, is a British company supporting British cars. The Rimmer Bros service is hard to beat: we have the parts, we guarantee the quality, we're keen on price, we deliver fast, we know your car.

We are proud to have British Motor Heritage Approval for our Triumph, MG, Mini and Rover SD1 parts operation. First appointed in 1987, Heritage Approval acknowledges the highest possible standards of service, product knowledge, financial stability and well-equipped premises. We always carry a wide range of Heritage Original Equipment parts in stock.

As a long-established business, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Forward Control

Downpipe Flange - LR34FLANGE - Aftermarket

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Downpipe - LR30 - Aftermarket

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