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When were Discs fitted?
The early Heralds (1200, 12/50's) were all equipped with Drum Brakes from the factory, however, as technology progressed in the development of the Disc Brake (brought about by racing), then demand grew for this new type of braking system. To cater for the growing requests, the Factory offered the public two solutions;
1) Disc Brakes were offered as a 'Factory Fitted Option' (from approx' 1963 to 1967) when ordering a new Herald.
2) You could order a Factory 'Disc Conversion Kit' and have it fitted by the local Triumph agent. Eventually, (from approx' 1967) Disc Brakes were fitted as standard on late Herald 1200's & 12/50's, and all 13/60's, so trying to determine the changes by chassis number can be a bit of a problem.

How to identify
When the Factory offered Discs as an Option on early Heralds, they did this by fitting an adaptor plate to carry the Caliper, this bolted to the Vertical Link (209222/209223), and they increased the length of the bolts which held the backplate. The adaptor has 2 (drilled) lugs (to the front) which located the Caliper. The later models (Discs fitted as standard equipment) were produced with modified Vertical Links, with only 3 drillings, 2 for the Caliper, and 1 for the Steering Tie Rod, and fitted with Brake Dust Shields.

Can I convert?
If you wish to convert your early Herald from Drum to Disc, or even from the early type of Disc brake caliper system to the latest type, the easiest method is to fit our own 'Disc Brake Kit' (Part Number RH5029). The kit briefly comprises; 2 stub axles, 2 vertical links, 2 hubs, 2 discs + pads, bearings and fittings. For detailed kit information please refer to Disc Brake Conversion Kit.

Further Enhancements
To really improve stopping power for today's roads, consider fitting a Remote Mounted Braken Servo Kit (RH5272). Discs only.

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