Triumph TR6 Starter Motor - All Models

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Part No.: GRID600193

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Includes solenoid.

These units are replacements for vehicles originally fitted with the following Lucas model/part numbers:-

  • M418G/25626
  • 2M100/25647
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£144.00 ex VAT£172.80 inc UK VAT
£100.00 ex VAT£120.00 inc UK VAT
These brand new starters are high torque, meaning their armatures will not suffer the same fate as the originals, especially on high compression engines. More reliable by design, they are half the weight of the original TR6 starter. Bringing TRs (literally) into the millennium. Other parts may be required, possibly part number 102014 spacer and a relay, depending on original wiring, see fitting instructions for details. These uprated starters are sold on an outright basis.
£195.00 ex VAT£234.00 inc UK VAT
Customer Comments
"I appreciate the wide selection and competitive pricing. As I'm just starting a total restoration of a 1958 TR3A, I'm sure I will be purchasing a lot more in the future." Customer Comment
Product Description

Triumph TR6 Starter Motor - All Models
TR6 PI cars were always fitted with a pre-engaged type Lucas starter motor of either the M418G or 2M100 model type. Due to further improvement by Lucas the later type 2M100 model starter is supplied for all replacement purposes. The M418G starter is identified by the Lucas part number 25626 stamped on the main casing. The 2M100 model is identified by the part number 25647 stamped on the main casing. M418G starter motors have the electrical carbon brushes bearing on the sides of the armature’s commutator in a radial manner. The carbon brushes of the 2M100 bear against an end facing commutator in an axial manner. The components of the two design starters are not interchangeable, the complete starter motor assemblies are.
If you intend to carry out repairs to your own starter motor you must establish which model starter is fitted by obtaining the information of model type and part number from the starter motor main casing. Without this information there is a good chance that the wrong spares are purchased to service your particular starter motor.