Rover SD1 Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems - V8

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Including tubular manifolds, all fittings and gaskets
Manifold fitting kit and manifold wrap available separately
Does not fit LHD or Lowered Vehicles
£680.00 ex VAT£816.00 inc UK VAT
Less manifolds
For fitting to existing manifolds and downpipes
Includes fittings
£360.00 ex VAT£432.00 inc UK VAT

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Product Description

Rover SD1 Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems - V8
V8 Sports Exhaust System Stainless Steel
Our ever-popular sports exhaust system for the V8 (derived from a race specification) is suitable for both manual and automatic, right hand drive only vehicles.
The 7-piece system features a pair of 4 into 1 tubular manifolds coupled to link pipes, which incorporate flange connectors to join the manifolds to a large bore Y-pipe. From here onwards, the system is of a single pipe design.
The reason for flange joints on the link pipes is simple: some of our customers ask for the option of retaining the original cast manifolds and downpipes instead of tubular manifolds (with the associated cost saving). Consequently, fitting flange joints and special link pipes means that we can offer a system that can be fitted with or without tubular manifolds. The system incorporates a pair of free-flowing silencer, tucked away in the axle well so as not to interfere with ground clearance on the Vitesse (we do not recommend fitting where the ride height is lower than Vitesse). Another feature is the tailpipe, which is a separate section of 3 inch polished stainless steel, with a gentle upward curve to follow the contour of the rear valance.
Rolling road tests show that gains in power and torque can be expected, depending on the age, condition and set-up of your engine - please see graphs.
The system is also suitable for large capacity engines. The sound is pure Rover V8 but comfortably refined inside the car at cruising speeds.

Enhancements for Sports Exhaust
Our Sports Exhaust System is designed to give an increase in power & torque on an otherwise unmodified vehicle. The way it achieves this is by helping the engine to ‘breathe out’ more efficiently. Naturally, it works just as well (or even better) on modified engines, since most modifications are designed to make the engine breath more efficiently.
Fitting K&N air filters at the same time as our Sports System will help the engine to ‘breathe in’ more efficiently - by removing the restrictive standard air filter - yielding even better results. (For K&N filters, see our Fuel Section)
To gain maximum benefit from our Sports System, particularly in large capacity V8's (3.9 or even 4.6 litre versions), fit our Big Valve Performance cylinder heads. These heads are ported and gas-flowed to help the engine achieve optimum efficiency. (For Performance cylinder heads, refer to our V8 Engine Section)
Finally, don’t forget your fuel system: all this extra efficiency will be lost if your carbs are worn out or your injection system is not up to scratch! The original carbs should be adequate for an otherwise unmodified 3.5 engine fitted with a sports System and K&N filters (provided they are correctly set up). For the same vehicle fitted with modified cylinder heads or a bigger engine, however, we would recommend fitting either a Holley or Weber 4 barrel carb (see our Fuel Section).
Similarly, standard Efi vehicles will need no modifications to the injection system when fitting a Sports System and K&N. If further modifications are being considered, such as a change of camshaft, Performance cylinder heads or a bigger engine, we strongly recommend a remapped ecu to provide the correct fueling. We can remap your existing ecu to suit your engine’s requirements exactly, giving crisper throttle response, more power and torque and better fuel efficiency (see our Electrical Section).