Triumph GT6 Steering Column and Fittings

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For use wherever steering lock is fitted.
For added security the lock and switch was attached with a circular clamp which
meant one had to remove the steering column assembly to release it!!!!!
Attached with a circular clamp which meant you had to remove the steering column assembly to fit it!
£72.00 ex VAT£86.40 inc UK VAT
With Lucar connections - 3 pairs and 1 single terminal

When used as a replacement for Stag MK1 (To LD20000 inc USA) Ignition Switch, to modify wiring, fit spade connectors to terminals 1, 2, 3 & 5 and transfer from original loom Brown wire to terminal 2, White & Pink to terminal 5, White to terminal 3 and White & Red to terminal 1. The remaining Red & Red/Green wires are for a sidelight functionality that prevents driving off with the sidelights only and can be insulated for safety and ignored.

This information is applicable to Stag MK1 (inc USA) only. Other models may require similar modifications if fitting this switch in place of one with the loom attached. Please refer to the appropriate workshop manual.
£39.00 ex VAT£46.80 inc UK VAT
with 2 keys

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£8.80 ex VAT£10.56 inc UK VAT
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Triumph GT6 Steering Column and Fittings
NOTE; Steering column lock/ignition switch was offered as a factory fitted option for MK1 & MK2.