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Rover 200/25/MG ZR

Rover 200/25/MG ZR
Rover 200 Series (Nov 1995 on) - Rover 25 (Nov 1999 on) - MG ZR
See Rover 200/25/MG ZR Vehicle Information for detailed information. See also Parts Information for further details. Also refer to MG Rover Close Call for details on special pricing that may be available, to help keep as many MG Rover vehicles on the road as possible, with affordable parts.

Rimmer Bros aims to help keep the job of restoring, servicing, maintaining and enhancing your Rover 200 series (November 1995 onwards) or Rover 25 (November 1999 onwards) as straightforward as possible, not only with an unbeatable Rover spare parts stock but with affordable prices and swift efficient service.

Known in the UK and worldwide for our history, expertise, service and commitment to excellence, Rimmer Bros is the trusted one-stop shop for the community of Rover enthusiasts, garages and specialists. We have a comprehensive range of Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket parts and accessories, from popular Rover 200/25/MG ZR parts to the more obscure Rover spares.

In November 1995, the Rover Group launched a new iteration of the Rover 200 Series, which represented a significant departure from its predecessors in terms of design and target market. Aimed at competing more directly with premium hatchbacks, this series featured a sleeker body shape and an upgraded interior that aimed to offer luxury on par with larger saloons within compact dimensions suitable for British roads. The vehicles came equipped with a range of K-series petrol engines known for their advanced engineering and efficient performance alongside L-series diesels that continued to promise economic running costs.

The evolution of the 200 Series led to its rebranding as the Rover 25 in November 1999. This refresh sought to inject fresh appeal into the model by refining styling cues and improving interior materials further still - aimed squarely at capturing younger buyers while retaining loyal customers. Subsequently, under MG Rover's ownership following BMW's divestment from the group, this platform gave birth to sportier renditions under MG branding: enter the MG ZR.

Launched in June 2001 as part of the MG Rover Group's efforts to rejuvenate sports-oriented models, the MG ZR featured tuned suspensions and sharper handling. With distinctive aesthetic enhancements, it became a favourite among driving enthusiasts. The model blended spirited performance with the practicality of its hatchback form factor, embodying the essence of Britain's motoring culture at the turn of the century in Europe.

We have available for download (free of charge) an MG Rover parts quickfinder catalogue (covering MG ZR/ZS/ZT, Rover 25/45/75, Rover 200/400/600/800, Rover Mini, City Rover, Metro, Montego, Maestro, Sprite/Midget and Rover P5 and Rover P6).

If you're unsure about the compatibility of a part or accessory for your vehicle, please contact us with your full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Rimmer Bros, established in 1982, is a British company supporting British cars. The Rimmer Bros service is hard to beat: we have the parts, we guarantee the quality, we're keen on price, we deliver fast, we know your car.

As the British motor industry contracted, Rimmer Bros expanded to ensure the continued maintenance, restoration and enjoyment of many beloved classic cars no longer supported by their original makers. Our support, starting strongly with Triumph, extended to include Rover SD1 models in the 1990s, and later expanded to cover Land Rover and Range Rover models, reaching up to the present day. In 2005, our commitment grew to encompass more modern MG-Rover cars, and by 2012, we further extended our range to include Jaguar models from 1996 onwards. This growth reflects our dedication to serving the diverse community of classic and modern British car enthusiasts.

We are proud to have British Motor Heritage Approval for our Triumph, MG, Mini and Rover SD1 parts operation. First appointed in 1987, Heritage Approval acknowledges the highest possible standards of service, product knowledge, financial stability and well-equipped premises. We always carry a wide range of Heritage Original Equipment parts in stock.

As a long-established business, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Rover 200/25/MG ZR

Camshaft Cover Gasket - LVP100631 - MG Rover

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Oil Pump Assembly - LPF000030LP - Aftermarket

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