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MG Maestro


Looking for elusive MG Maestro parts and accessories? From the most searched-for MG Maestro parts and MG Maestro accessories to the lesser-known, Rimmer Bros is your trusted one-stop shop to help you care for your prized possession.

Rimmer Bros are a UK-based worldwide MG parts specialist with a comprehensive range of MG Maestro parts and accessories, whether you're seeking genuine MG vehicle parts, OEM alternatives or high-quality aftermarket options.

Our MG Rover parts business was established in 2005, providing an unrivalled stock holding of MG parts and accessories. Rimmer Bros is not just a parts and accessories supplier - we are British car experts with an in-depth knowledge and an unwavering commitment to MG Maestro enthusiasts, providing owners, garages and specialists worldwide with a superior parts service that is fast and reliable.

From popular MG Maestro car parts to the lesser-known MG Maestro spares, we are committed to helping you restore, service, maintain and enhance this rare British ‘hot hatch'. We share the same passion as our customers for restoring their MG Maestro to its former splendour and maintaining its performance.

Some parts are VIN specific. Information about these parts can be easily found on the item page, ensuring that you select the right components for your vehicle. If you ever find yourself unsure about the vehicle application of any parts, please contact us with your full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

During the mid-1980s, MG introduced special versions of the MG Maestro that caught the attention of British car enthusiasts. One noteworthy model was the MG Maestro 2.0 EFI, featuring electronic fuel injection for improved performance. This 2.0 EFI model was known for its good handling and agility, making it one of the notable hot hatches of its era. It provided Austin Rover with a formidable competitor to the Golf GTi and the Escort XR3i. Some of the special editions, such as the MG Maestro Turbo, also offered unique interior features like velour seats and enhanced trim options, adding a touch of luxury to this British classic.

Rimmer Bros, established in 1982, is a British company supporting British cars. The Rimmer Bros service is hard to beat: we have the parts, we guarantee the quality, we're keen on price, we deliver fast, we know your car.

We are proud to have British Motor Heritage Approval for our Triumph, MG, Mini and Rover SD1 parts operation. First appointed in 1987, Heritage Approval acknowledges the highest possible standards of service, product knowledge, financial stability and well-equipped premises. We always carry a wide range of Heritage Original Equipment parts in stock.

As a long-established business, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

MG Maestro

Oil Pump - LPF000117EVA - MG Rover

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Handbrake Cable - NAM4596EVA - MG Rover

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