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Herald Complete Interior Trim Kit - Black - 1200 and 12/50 Saloon LHD - RH5216BLACK

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Triumph Herald Complete Interior Trim Kits 'Triumph Herald Complete Interior Trim Kits'
Product Description

Herald Complete Interior Trim Kit - Black - 1200 and 12/50 Saloon LHD - RH5216BLACK
Black Swatch
Interior Trim Restoration
We have available a full range of interior trim (including carpets, door trim panels and headlining kits) for the Triumph Herald (both Saloon & Convertible), so at long last the owners of these Classic Triumphs can now restore, and renovate their vehicles to a standard that has not been possible for many years.

Whether you are just wanting to replace a damaged board, re-trim a tired seat, replace worn carpets, or are contemplating a complete interior restoration project, from the following listings you will find the part, or kit, suitable for your needs and budget.

Complete Interior Re-trim Kits
Renovation or Colour Change!
If you are considering a complete re-trim of the interior of your Herald, we can supply a complete interior trim kit.

Ordering everything that is required for such a project could not be easier, all you have to do - from the list - is identify your vehicle model, then choose the colour you require, and by quoting just one part number, you are assured that nothing has been missed. Our kits are so complete, once you have identified your model, you may even change the colour!

What Do Our Kits Contain?
Although we do not include passenger area carpet sets in our interior trim kits, they are nonetheless very comprehensive, they even include the Boot trim.

You can use the following as a check list:
2 door trim panels and clips.
Trim for 2 front seats, plus, 2 base cushions, 2 base diaphragms and all necessary clips, 2 base foam wraps, 2 squab foam pads or squab kits (depending upon model), and 2 squab strap kits.
Full rear seat trim kit (Saloons & Convertibles), plus, for Saloons 1 seat base foam & 1 squab foam, and for Convertibles 1 seat base foam & 1 squab horsehair pad.
For the dash area & footwells, 1 upper & 1 lower dash panel with clips, 1 dash 'sound' insulation kit, 1 securing strap kit (for insulation) and 2 front scuttle panels.
Rear 1/4 trim panels, or trim panel covering kit (depending upon model).
And for Saloon models only, 1 headlining kit (except Herald 12/50), covering material for both 'B' posts and 2 rear wheel arch covers.
For the boot, our kits include; 2 boot floor 'sound' proofing panels, 1 spare wheel cover (black hardboard), 1 (Rh) side trim board, 1 boot floor hardura mat kit, 1 tool pouch (red), 1 jack/tool bag (black hardura), and for Convertibles only, 1 boot to hood stowage board.
Our kits come with full fitting instructions.

What Models Do We Have Kits For?
Our kits cover Herald 1200, 12/50 & 13/60 Saloon and Convertibles, we also have kits for both RHD & LHD models.

Trim Colours and Style
Our comprehensive range of trim boards and seat trim kits are as the original, both in colour and grain.

Although the Triumph Herald was produced with a varied selection of trim colours (including Cactus, Phantom Grey and Coffee), we are only able to supply (for the foreseeable future), a limited colour range for the trim boards and seat trim, these being Black, Midnight Blue and Matador Red for the Herald 1200, 12/50, and for the Herald 13/60, Black, Shadow Blue, Matador Red and Light Tan.
Our moulded carpet sets and stitched carpet sets are available in a range of colours. Please refer to 'Carpets' section.

As an added service to our customers, we offer a full seat re-trimming service (for those who don't wish to undertake this task!). Please phone for details.

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Items in this package:
  • 1 Triumph Rear Seat Trim Kit - Black - RH5170BLACK
  • 1 Triumph Herald 1200 and 12/50 Front Seat Trim Kit - Black - RH5132BLACK
  • 1 Rear 1/4 Panels - Black - RH5231BLACK
  • 1 Headlining Kit - Saloon - RH5241
  • 1 Door Trim Panels - Pair - Black - RH5161BLACK
  • 1 Dash Sound Insulation Kit - RH5213
  • 1 Boot Mat Kit - Herald/Vitesse Saloon - RH5130
  • 1 Squab Foam Pad - RH5094
  • 1 Dash Side/Scuttle - Passengers Side - LHD - Black - RH5196BLACK
  • 2 Squab Padding Kit - RH5129
  • 1 Panel - Dash Upper - LHD - RH5203
  • 1 Side Trim Board - RH - RH5211
  • 1 Base Foam Pad - Cushion - RH5115
  • 2 Seat Diaphragm - RH5118
  • 1 Rear Wheel Arch Covers - Black - RH5205BLACK
  • 2 Base Foam Pad - Cushion - RH5156
  • 1 Spare Wheel Cover - RH5155
  • 1 Tool Pouch - 725793
  • 1 Dash Side/Scuttle - Drivers Side - LHD - Black - RH5228BLACK
  • 1 Tool Pouch Red With Triumph Logo - RH5214
  • 1 Panel - Dash Lower - LHD - RH5183
  • 2 Seat Clips Pack - RH5142
  • 1 Securing Strap Kit - RH5218
  • 1 Trim Cover Material - Black - RH5186BLACK
  • 2 Foam Wrap - Seat Frame - RH5125
  • 2 C Clips Pack - 1 pack of 2 per seat - RH5154
  • 62 Trim Clip - 608511
  • 20 Cup Washer No.6 - CD24152

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