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Triumph TR4-4A Hood Stick Cover Kit - Cherokee Red Leather with White Piping - RF4219REDCHERO

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Product Description

Triumph TR4-4A Hood Stick Cover Kit - Cherokee Red Leather with White Piping - RF4219REDCHERO
Trim kits include the following items, constructed in as similar a manner as possible to the originals, from matched colour grained vinyls:
One pair of vinyl-covered door liners
One pair of vinyl-covered rear quarter liners
One pair of rear wheel arch covers with foam support backings
One vinyl-covered rear cockpit liner
Two strips of vinyl to cover the inside face of each 'B' post
Two vinyl-covered 'B' post gusset liners

Notes on Ordering Trim Colours
The range of trim colours originally offered on TR4s and TR4As was far simpler than on TR2 - 3A, consisting of black, red, blue (early TR4s) and midnight blue (late TR4s and TR4As). Black, red, light tan and shadow blue were the options for TR5, while TR250 offered midnight blue as well as the TR5 colours. A full account of paint and trim combinations can be found in the "Paint and Trim Colours" section.
The range of four popular colours currently available (Black, Midnight Blue, Cherokee Red and Matador Red) is the same for TR4, TR4A, TR5 and TR250 trim styles. At risk of encouraging owners to ask for particularly obscure colours (to which the answer will usually be a carefully, commercially considered 'No', due to the cost of minimum order quantities of material in a new colour), requests for trim panels in different colours to the usual four options can be entertained as special orders.
Individual components of non-black trim kits are not listed here, because the different specifications of currently available materials render it almost impossible to guarantee colour and/or grain match with original item. If however, an individual panel is required, it may be possible to special order it (pre-paid), on the understanding that it will only match the trim colours and grains that we currently supply. It is likely that the required item would have to be purchased as part of a pair. Please telephone to make the necessary arrangements.

Trim Identification
TR4 soft top models featured a novel solution to the question of how to cover the hood sticks when folded into the cockpit of the car (the hood itself was stowed in the boot). Three large pieces of pleated, padded trim - one long one along the rear cockpit area and one over each rear quarter - both covered the lowered hood sticks and doubled up as squab and armrests for the occasional rear seat. These three items are included in the TR4 Soft Top Trim Kit. By the time of the launch of the TR4A, plus the TR5 and TR250 siblings that followed it, the fashionable way to stow the hood was for frame and hood to fold into the rear of the cockpit and the whole ensemble would then be covered by a hood cover, in effect a short, padded tonneau cover. This difference in hood stowage accounts for the major visual difference between TR4 and TR4A interior trim - in fact, the Surrey top TR4 (which of course didn't require hood stick stowage) has very similar cockpit trim indeed to the TR4A.  As you may have guessed by now - unless this has all completely confused you - the interior trim offered today for TR4A also covers TR5 and TR250.

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