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Polybush Suspension Bush Kit - LL1059PBB
Why fit Polybush?
Impressive and Confident Ride - Excellent Noise Damping - Controlled Suspension Movement - Sharper Turn in - Predictable Cornering - Reduced Body Roll - Fit & Forget - Excellent Longevity - Designed & Engineered to Exact Specifications - Pure Materials, Immense Flexibility & Resilience.

Polybush Comfort - Blue - Polybush Comfort - Superb ride quality and beautiful manners on and off road. Polybushes most compliant grade provides excellent longevity and greater shock absorption with a factory fresh feel.

Suitable for:
Defender 90/110 to end 1993

Front Radius Arm/Axle
Rear Radius Arm/Axle
Panhard Rod
Rear Radius Arm/Chassis
Front Radius Arm/Chassis


As Polyurethane Experts we know our stuff when it comes to which materials to use and just as importantly which not to use, with hundreds to choose from in our factory we chose the best 3 grades for both compliance and resilience- All perfect for making suspension bushes.

Our materials last 4 -5 times longer than original rubber bushes.
Our materials keeps their shape meaning suspension geometry is maintained and you have more controlled suspension movement and reduced tyre wear.
Our materials are unaffected by oil, fuel and road contaminants.

What next?
We looked at the individual vehicle requirements to make sure we gave you the best grade to suit how you use your vehicle, where possible we gave you choices, where necessary we made the choice. 

Polybush’s medium grade provides an ideal balance between control and articulation, stiff enough to provide control whilst flexible enough to give full suspension movement. An ideal option for extreme off- road. 

Polybush’s Dynamic grade provides a factory fresh feel, restoring your Land Rover back to original specification resulting in superb ride quality both on and off road.
Designed and chosen specifically for your Land Rover.


Specifications and additional product information
Defender 83-06 - Models from VIN HA455946 to VIN KA930455 - Kit contains Radius Arms & Panhard Rod bushes, poly., comfort blue - Quantity Required - 1
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