Triumph TR6 Telescopic Shock Absorber Conversions

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Kit includes:
2 Shock Absorbers and Type 1 Mounting Brackets.

Lever arm dampers were fitted to many British sports cars in the 1950's and 1960's. They are no longer in production on any modern car and that speaks for itself!
Replacing them can be a lot of aggravation for poor performance. They cost time and money to replace (there's usually a deposit to pay) and they usually only last a year or so before you have to repeat the whole procedure again! A telescopic conversion is a 'fit once and forget it' solution.
SPAX produces a range of conversions that allow you to change to adjustable telescopic dampers. Your car can then be adjusted to suit your driving style and today's road conditions. The result will be a significantly more rewarding driving experience and longer damper life.
The SPAX CK29 conversion kit will convert the lever arm suspension on Triumph TR4A to TR6 models to modern SPAX telescopic dampers.
The SPAX CK suspension kit uses uprated and adjustable Krypton filled dampers with 28 stage of bump/rebound adjustment. Adjustment can be made by simply turning the on-the-car adjuster.
Krypton gas is almost impossible to de-stabilise, making it ideal for the sort of use that classic cars are put to - long periods of inactivity punctuated by rigorous use.
Powder coating protects the dampers from corrosion and keeps them looking good, ready for the 'Show and Shine' season.
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£235.00 ex VAT£282.00 inc UK VAT
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£270.00 ex VAT£324.00 inc UK VAT
RR1401 GAZ - GAZ GT Rear Performance Shocks Pair - TR4A/5/6
Standard bushes and body mounted brackets.
For use with telescopic conversion brackets (type 1,2 or 3)

The KSX damper range is specifically designed for Classic Car owners who need a Bespoke solution to their suspension needs.

The basic principle of the KSX range is to allow you to create your own specification of damper from a standardised range of damper bodies and end fixings.

KSX dampers have 28 stages of on car stiffness adjustment. The adjustment is made with no dismantling and it alters both the bump and rebound forces in unison. The damping characteristics have been specially designed to be ideal for touring and for fast road use. SPAX KSX dampers are pressurized with Krypton gas. This produces not only superior low speed ride quality, but also high speed performance that is significantly improved.

KSX dampers are designed and hand built to the strictest German TüV quality standards, using the latest technologies and methods. Each and every damper is fully Dyno Tested to ensure you get 100% performance, 100% quality, 100% guaranteed. All KSX dampers are Epoxy Powder coated and oven cured for second to none looks and extra long life.

The KSX range has been designed so it can be serviced, re-valved and repaired if required. This allows a long and economic damper life.

SPAX’s massive buying power, commitment to value and “Factory Direct” pricing allows you to buy this premium product at second to none value.
£160.00 ex VAT£192.00 inc UK VAT
For use with telescopic conversion brackets (type 1,2 or 3)
£190.00 ex VAT£228.00 inc UK VAT
Shock Absorbers Only. Use with RR1402, RR1403 Or RR1404 Telescopic Conversion Brackets.

GAZ GT Series: A very extensive range of telescopic dampers for both modern and classic car applications. These units can be built in various open and closed lengths and will adjust bump and rebound off a single control knob.
£125.00 ex VAT£150.00 inc UK VAT
These brackets mount to the inner wing and require minimal bodywork modification to be carried out.
Ideal for road applications.
All fitting hardward included.

Shock absorbers are not included - Use RR1401 Koni, Spax or Gaz
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£90.00 ex VAT£108.00 inc UK VAT
These one piece brackets mount to the lever arm chassis point and wrap around the outside of the inner wheel arch. They have an additional mounting point on the inner wheel arch, which requires drilling. Although easy to install,  certain combinations of tyre and wheel sizes may cause problems if the bodyshell is not aligned to the chassis correctly.

Shock absorbers are not included - Use RR1401 Koni, Spax or Gaz.
£89.00 ex VAT£106.80 inc UK VAT
A set of six stepped brackets and fittings to mount up through bodywork and
out to inner wheel arch, creating a new damper mounting point.
Brackets take a little longer to install but do strengthen and stiffen the rear of
the bodyshell and will cope with a greater variety of wheel and type variables.
This kit may have to be used when an abnormal combination of wheels/tyres are fitted.
Kit contains fittings and instructions.

Shock absorbers are not included - Use RR1401 Koni, Spax or Gaz.
£160.00 ex VAT£192.00 inc UK VAT
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Product Description

Triumph TR6 Telescopic Shock Absorber Conversions
Converting to telescopic damper units will improve the ride and suspension making the handling more stable and predictable under pressure.
Kits are supplied complete with brackets, dampers and full instructions. (Uses Type 1 brackets).

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