Triumph TR4-250 Water Curtains

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Part No.: GRID200816

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Triumph TR4-250 Water Curtains
The omission of the water curtains from a TR door when it is rebuilt will invariably mean rain water that enters the door will soak the door casing board and window regulator mechanism.  This causes distortion or rotting of the casing board and rusting of the mechanism.  The casing board can be protected by covering the access holes in the inner door frame with a heavy grade, waterproof adhesive tape (a.k.a. 'tank tape' or 'gaffer tape').  The method is now used by many modern car manufacturers.
The change of part numbers shown here was not brought about because of a change in design, but due to an alteration of the specification to fire retardant material to meet later safety regulations. Both types of curtain are therefore useable on TR5s and TR250s.