Triumph TR4-250 Front Wheel Arches

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Wiring Loom Tags
These little tinkers have caused many heated discussions over the years. The long thin tag used on the inner front wings and wheel arches was part number 603559. Fact: It was ‘T’ shaped. Fact: The item was redesigned 13th January 1978 and was then no longer shaped.
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Not included with with RH wheel arch assembly.
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"Nice to see someone who cares for spare parts to MG's" Customer Comment
Product Description

Triumph TR4-250 Front Wheel Arches
Wheel arch assemblies are supplied fitted with arch reinforcements and chassis mounting brackets; wheel arch panels are bare. In the absence of guaranteed supplies of TR4/TR4A and TR5/TR250 wheel arches and assemblies, TR6 items can be used.  This may, depending on the car to receive them, require the process of carefully unpicking one or two unwanted components from the new TR6 assemblies and substitution of others from the old wheel arches.
The outstanding difference between the TR6 wheel arch pressings and those originally fitted to earlier cars is the large depression in the RH wheel arch.  This is not so pronounced on TR5s and TR250s and does not feature at all on TR4s and TR4As.