Triumph Herald Uprated Ignition System

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Part No.: GRID007512

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Suitable for Positive and Negative Earth vehicles:
Triumph TR4
Triumph TR2/3/3A DM2P4 Distributors
Triumph Herald DM2P4 Distributors
Land Rover Series DM2 P4 Distributors
Please refer to pdf for all other applications and for wiring difference instructions for Positive / Negative earth
£220.00 ex VAT£264.00 inc UK VAT
Fitting Kit for RR1113 & RR1113PERF
Please refer to the pdf for all applications.
£23.00 ex VAT£27.60 inc UK VAT
Includes a ballast resistor
Recommended when fitting Lumenition kit RS1134
£40.50 ex VAT£48.60 inc UK VAT
Allows the Lumenition Power Pack to be mounted alongside the coil
£12.00 ex VAT£14.40 inc UK VAT
Includes distributor fitting kit for Lucas 22D4, 23D4, 25D4

Sometimes, small is beautiful.

That's why Lumenition perfected the tiny Magnetronic Ignition Module. Measuring only an inch, the whole system is easily fitted INSIDE the distributor. Using the Hall Effect, it's a sure fire way to simply improve on the old points and contacts while maintaining an untouched look in the engine bay. Important for those Classic Car purists who don't want to break down in the middle of nowhere on a rainy afternoon. Available for a wide range of vehicles.

Replaces contact breakers and condenser
Reduces ignition maintenance
Simple to install
Completely self contained within the distributor

Note: Negative earth only
£97.00 ex VAT£116.40 inc UK VAT
Dolomite Sprint 1300/1500
SD1 4 Cylinder
Herald Top Entry
£18.60 ex VAT£22.32 inc UK VAT
£3.35 ex VAT£4.02 inc UK VAT
A NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug to fit many applications of vehicle.
£4.00 ex VAT£4.80 inc UK VAT
Sport ignition coil - Lucas, push in terminal connection, un-ballasted coil with a primary resistance of approx. 2.8 - 3 ohms.

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Lucas has been providing all this for over 135 years - and we’re still growing. That’s why the brand has been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world.

Spitfire Mk1, Mk2, Mk3
TR4-6 to CR/CF
GT6 Mk1 & Mk2
Series 3 - 4 & 6 Cyl models - Not ballasted
£28.00 ex VAT£33.60 inc UK VAT
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Product Description

Triumph Herald Uprated Ignition System
These kits offer a maintenance free ignition system, (in place of contact points) with potential for improved performance and fuel economy.