Rover SD1 4 Pot Brake Kits

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Fits Rover SD1.
Why Choose Greenstuff Brake Pads?
The EBC Greenstuff brake pad range is the first of many upgrade options when it comes to stopping power. Designed as an entry performance brake pad, Greenstuff is perfect for vehicles that are driven enthusiastically on the road.
Manufactured from softer compounds when compared to alternative pads, the EBC Greenstuff range offers improved brake pedal feel at lower driving speeds.
To complement the improvement on pedal feel, the compound allows for mid dust levels which will keep your wheels cleaner for longer as well as a strong lifecycle before the pads need replacing, whilst retaining minimal brake disc wear. All EBC Greenstuff brake pads are manufactured in the UK and are fully ECE R90 approved for road legal use in Europe.

Why Choose Turbo Groove Discs?
The Turbo Groove Discs have unique wide slots which help cool the discs and brake pads alike, and together with the blind drilled dimples help clear surface gases without affecting the structure of the disc unlike through drilled discs.
Dirt, dust gases, grit or debris from heavy braking exit the pad braking area through the slots that extend to the outer edge of the disc - a unique feature of the EBC discs. This ensures brakes pads wear flat and parallel throughout their use, in turn improving your braking. Anodised by gold zinc; these discs are also protected from corrosion in the areas not swept by the brake pad.

These EBC discs offer outstanding performance, look great on the car and are favoured by enthusiastic drivers. For optimum performance, use Turbo Groove Discs with EBC Pads.
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Product Description

Rover SD1 4 Pot Brake Kits
For converting 2-pot brake caliper vehicles to 4-pot or simply if you want to replace existing 4-pot calipers, discs and pads. We offer kits including either standard discs and pads, or uprated.
Note: The calipers supplied are the single brake pipe type (not EFi/Vitesse). Please enquire if twin pipe type are required.