Rover 75/MG ZT Headlamp Assembly - Projector

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Xenon150 H7 performance halogen headlamp. Upgrade to get more light on the road - up to 150% more than a standard headlamp. With a longer beam pattern, Xenon150s allow you to see hazards sooner, and the whiter light gives better reflections from road markings and signs. An easy upgrade to improve your driving experience and get a white, high spec look - no wiring changes needed.

Xenon150 bulbs are extensively tested to ensure that they give excellent brightness, in the right spot on the road. And unlike other +150% brighter bulbs, there is no compromise on life compared to other high performance halogens.

The brightest, longest lasting +150% brighter performance halogen there is.
  • Up to 150% more light on the road ahead allows the driver to see more at a distance of 75 metres
  • See & be seen with a beam pattern up to 80 metres longer than a standard bulb
  • Better visibility of road markings & signs
  • A whiter look in the headlamp compared to a standard bulb
  • No changes to vehicle wiring required
£25.25 ex VAT£30.30 inc UK VAT
£0.75 ex VAT£0.90 inc UK VAT
LED bulbs are durable and vibration resistant, they have a longer life than standard bulbs.
They give out an ultra bright light using just a fraction of the power of a standard bulb.
£4.25 ex VAT£5.10 inc UK VAT
When driving through much of Europe it is the law that UK car headlamps are adjusted so not to dazzle oncoming drivers as UK headlamps are designed for driving on the left-hand side of the road.

Without adjustment the dipped beam could dazzle oncoming drivers and this could result in a fine. In some countries it is compulsory to use dipped headlights at all times when driving during the day.

Before driving on the continent, always ensure your lights meet legal requirements by using beam converters night and day (inc rain, fog etc). Remember to remove the beam converters as soon as you return to the UK.

Our headlamp beam converters are suitable for use on the latest Xenon / HID headlamps and also all other standard headlamps. Unlike other brands, the patented design has been developed using Heat Mirror Foil technology to reflect heat and UV emissions back into the lamp reflectors.

They are suitable for all vehicles and include individual fitting diagrams for over 800 vehicles including the latest 'Clear Glass Headlamps', 'Projector', 'Xenon,' and 'Glass Line Pattern' headlamps inside the packaging.

Contains:- 2 x Headlamp Deflectors, 1 x Fitting Instructions
  • For continental driving
  • Detailed instructions for over 800 vehicles
  • Upgraded performance for Xenon / HID headlamps
  • Prevents headlamp hotspots using heat mirror foils
  • Be legal: don’t dazzle oncoming traffic when driving abroad
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The part numbers for the headlamps have changed several times from production until the present day and for a brief period an additional wiring link lead was required to fit the headlamps.  If the headlamps now being fitted are either part numbers ZUA000820/ZUA000830/ZUA000840/ZUA000850 this lead will be required.
£35.00 ex VAT£42.00 inc UK VAT
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"Very easy site to navigate, identify & select replacement parts for my Rover 75 V6 car, very reasonable prices and postage costs to Australia. a pleasure to Deal with Rimmer Bros" Customer Comment
Product Description

Rover 75/MG ZT Headlamp Assembly - Projector
To aid identification of the headlamps fitted to any particular car MG Rover attached a label to the unit with the relevant XBC number on.   It is almost always visible just by looking at the unit without the need to remove anything.