Door Trim Panels - MGF

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Door Trim Panels - MGF
First, The History.
In common with most other modern cars, the MGF and MG TF were fitted with a seemingly bewildering range of trim materials and colour schemes during their production history. Looking at door trim panels alone, around 250 different types were used - that’s around 500 different panels when you count in the RH and LH versions!
To clarify the matter as much as possible, all of the door trim styles can be summarised, in chronological order, as follows. The materials specified are those used on the centre inserts, commonly referred to as the door ‘pods’; this is the easiest way to identify the styles.

MGF to VIN XD511058 (1995 to 1999)
Often referred to as ‘Mk 1’ trim, with rectangular interior door handles.
1  Fusion fabric pods.
2  Leather pods (F Heritage option).
3  Leather pods (factory fitted option).

MGF from VIN XD511059 (2000 to 2001)
Often referred to as ‘Mk 2’ trim, with oval interior door handles.
1  Mirage fabric pods (with alloy, wood, black or carbon inserts)
2  Mirage fabric pods (plain, 1600 models only)
3  Leather pods (with alloy, wood or carbon inserts)
4  Leather pods (Oxford Leather option, with alloy, wood or carbon)
5  Silverstone fabric pods (Trophy only)
6  Leather pods (Trophy only)

MG TF to VIN 5D639630 (2002 to 2005)
As per and often referred to as ‘Mk 2’ trim.
1  Sebring fabric pods (with Technical Black, burr walnut or carbon)
2  Sebring fabric pods (plain, 1600 models only)
3  Daytona fabric pods (with Technical Black, burr walnut or carbon)
4  Leather pods (with Technical Black, Technical Black 2, Technical Grey, burr walnut or carbon inserts)
5  Leather pods (Oxford Leather option, with Technical Black, Technical Black 2, Technical Grey, burr walnut or carbon inserts)
6  Alcantara pods (with Technical Black, burr walnut, carbon or satin aluminium inserts)

Throw in RH, LH, plus all the fabric, leather and Alcantara colours and it’s easy to see where the list of 500 door panels comes from...

Now, The Reality, When They’re Gone, They’re Gone.
Following the demise of MG Rover in 2005, the MGF/MG TF door trim panel tools fell into Chinese ownership and were eventually irrevocably modified, ending their use on further production of spare parts and creating a bit of a problem for modern MG-servicing specialists like Rimmer Bros.
In older classic MGs, Triumphs etc., the more simple design of the door boards and the numbers of cars requiring new ones made reintroduction a viable commercial project. However the complexity of the MGF and MG TF door panels, the expense of making new tooling and the relatively low demand for door panels means that restarting production doesn’t stack up - not today, and maybe not in the future either. Reconditioning old door panels with new material ‘skins’ would be similarly difficult because of the tools required to make the material follow the contours of the panel.
After all that gloom, there is however some very good news. XPart, the MG Rover parts organisation, still owns a very large quantity of door panels in many styles. Our desire to serve our customers as fully as possible and our fears that most of these door panels would be scrapped off at some point has led Rimmer Bros. into an agreement with XPart to warehouse and market the remaining stocks - a huge commitment, given the space required to store the stock safely, in a dry environment, ensuring against damage.
The following list is laid out in the order of the aforementioned door panel styles, to make it as clear to understand as possible. It contains only the door panels available at time of writing (in some instances you will see that only one hand is still available) and to use the well hackneyed phrase, ‘WHEN THEY’RE GONE, THEY’RE GONE’.  Most if not all are now sold at clearance bargain prices.

If your door panel style is not listed here, it is already unavailable. At this point, you will have three choices,
1  Choose another door panel style, opting for a close match to the desired material and colour scheme and maybe reusing parts from old door panels to get the match closer if possible (note that pre-2000 and post-2000 door panels are not interchangeable).
2  Go on a hunt for good secondhand door panels. Good luck.
3  Refresh your current door panels by fitting our new leather pods and/or door pockets, specially produced in colours to complement either your existing interior trim or our range of trim items and packages.