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    Metro Fascia Harness

    Order your Metro Fascia Harness today from Rimmer Bros. Low prices & fast delivery worldwide! Massive inventory of parts and accessories.
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    GridItemIDItem No.Item InformationTo YearFrom YearTo SNFrom SNCP TypeAttributesQty ReqPart No.AvailabilityPriceOrder Qty
    610871Harness Fascia YMG10209Harness Fascia YMG10209without tailgate wash/wipe1980816848VINPetrol - City Badge1YMG10209No longer available

    610881Harness Fascia YMG10214 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG10214 - Genuine MG Rover
    Rovertailgate wash/wipe
    1980816848VINPetrol - City Badge - GTA1YMG10214No longer available

    610891Harness Fascia YMG10215 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG10215 - Genuine MG Rover
    1980816848VIN16V - Petrol - GS - GTI 16V (Upright)1YMG10215No longer available

    610861Harness Fascia YMG10105Harness Fascia YMG101051980816848VINDieselXYMG10105No longer available

    Use YMG10617 
    611431Harness Fascia YMG10617 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG10617 - Genuine MG Rover
    1980816848VINDiesel1YMG10617No longer available

    611491Harness Fascia YMG106340Harness Fascia YMG106340198119801001816849VINDiesel1YMG106340No longer available

    611441Harness Fascia YMG10621 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG10621 - Genuine MG Rover
    Roverwithout tailgate wash/wipe
    198119801001816849VINPetrol - Except Burglar Alarm Accessory Kit1YMG10621No longer available

    611451Harness Fascia YMG10622Harness Fascia YMG10622tailgate wash/wipe198119801001816849VINPetrol - Burglar Alarm Accessory Kit - Except Glovebox Lamp1YMG10622No longer available

    611461Harness Fascia YMG10623 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG10623 - Genuine MG Rover
    198119801001816849VINPetrol - Burglar Alarm Accessory Kit - Glovebox Lamp1YMG10623No longer available

    611731Harness Fascia YMG107110 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG107110 - Genuine MG Rover
    198119811105651001VINPetrol - Except Glovebox Lamp1YMG107110No longer available

    611741Harness Fascia YMG107120 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG107120 - Genuine MG Rover
    198119811105651001VINPetrol - Glovebox Lamp1YMG107120No longer available

    611751Harness Fascia YMG107130Harness Fascia YMG107130198119811105651001VINDiesel1YMG107130No longer available

    612371Harness Fascia YMG108490 - Genuine MG RoverHarness Fascia YMG108490 - Genuine MG Rover
    1981110566VINPetrol1YMG108490No longer available

    612381Harness Fascia YMG108500Harness Fascia YMG1085001981110566VINDiesel1YMG108500No longer available

    Product Description

    Metro Fascia Harness

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