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Hood Cover - Black Double Duck - Mk2 - 822931DUCK

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Triumph Stag Hood Cover and Fittings 'Triumph Stag Hood Cover and Fittings'
Product Description

Hood Cover - Black Double Duck - Mk2 - 822931DUCK

A 20 oz canvas hooding fitted as standard to many pre 1960 classic cars. For many years this material has been a popular upgrade to a vinyl hood particularly amongst Classic Car owners, however unless you have a specific requirement for old world authenticity then we strongly advise that you consider a Stayfast or Mohair hood. The colourfastness of Duck is not suited for sunnier climates where it would be subject to premature fading of colour. Double duck will require periodic treatment with a colour restorer to keep it in good condition.
Colours Available: Black only

MK2 hoods have a back light only


Please read and follow these instructions carefully. This product is manufactured to a standard size and should give a satisfactory fit to most vehicles. However, it should be noted that the quality of the installation will rely most on the skill of the person fitting the Top. There are always variations of some degree between all vehicles, especially with the adjustment in the frame mountings and the overall condition of the frame. For this reason, please be sure that you have the necessary skills before attempting the installation yourself. Similarly, please ensure any professional installer follows these instructions.

Top Removal:

  1. From inside the car, peel the fabric away from the frame bows to which the Top is glued. See "A" on the diagram.
  2. Remove the rubber seal from the front header rail and drill out the rivets from the seal retainer using a 1/8" drill. The Top can now be peeled off the header rail. See "B" on the diagram.
  3. Similarly remove the seal and retainer. See "C" on the diagram.
  4. Remove the rear frame rail seal and its retainer and remove the Top from the rail. See "D" on the diagram.
Hood Cover Double Duck


The new Top is first fitted to the rear frame rail. This is probably the most critical part of the installation process and it is worth noting that you must start at the centre of the rail and finish with both sides of the top equidistant from the centre of the rail. There is a stitch line about 2" above the rear of the top which forms the pocket to which the rail fits. This stitch line must follow the bottom edge of the rail when installed. Apply glue to the outside edge of the rail and the corresponding inside edge of the Top. When tacky, proceed to fit the Top starting from the centre. Be careful to apply an even tension as you fit the Top around the curve of the rail. This is not easy when you have not done it before and may require a couple or more attempts to achieve the desired finish. Before you finish off by re-fitting the seal and its retaining channel, you can locate the rail to its fixing and pull the Top to the front header rail. The Velcro fastening should hold it while you check the quality of the fit around the rear of the Top. A common cause of a poor fit is for the above mentioned stitch line not following the bottom edge of the rail as it comes around the curve. Any unevenness in tension here will have an adverse effect on the rear window. Be prepared to make adjustments before finally riveting the channel and seal into place.

With the rear rail locked in position, you can now apply glue to the front face of the header rail and the inside front of the Top. When tacky, firmly pull the Top to the header rail ensuring that the stitch lines across the roof corresponds with the frame bows. Extra tension can be applied by re-lifting the Top from the glue and again pulling tighter still, to achieve an even, drum-like tension across the whole Top. When satisfied, rivet the retaining channel into place and re-fit the rubber seal after trimming off excess material.

The side flaps are glued before re-fitting the channel and seal. Please note the rear rail is adjustable on its mounting bolts, which will affect the length of the side flaps. Finally, glue the interior roof flaps around the corresponding frame bows to complete the installation.

Specifications and additional product information
Triumph Stag Mk2 (without quarter-light windows)
NOTE - the only difference between Mk1 & Mk2 hood covers is that Mk1's were fitted with rear quarter-light windows & Mk2's weren't. Both models had a zip-out rear window. So, unless you wish to retain originality, you can fit either hood cover to either model.
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